Wonderful event

KANROX successfully Launched brand in E3

Jun 16,2019

KARNOX attended E3 on June 13, local time in Los Angeles. The exhibition lasted for three days and attracted the attention of players and media from all over the world. 

KARNOX announces “WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK!” to all players and media attending the show.

E3 is the combination of the first three initials E of The Electronic Entertainment Expo in English. E3 has been held since 1995 and is the world largest and most well-known interactive entertainment exhibition. It has a supreme position in the global electronic entertainment industry. It is called "the annual entertainment event of the electronic entertainment industry" by the media, attracting the world players and over 60,000 retailers, distributors, game developers and investors, and media.

KARNOX Los Angeles staff ready to go

KARNOX Full range of gaming chairs

Both the players and medias of the E3 exhibition are full of praise the KARNOX gaming chair for the design and comfort of the product . KARNOX will continue to develop more comfortable and young fashioned e-sports chairs to the market, giving everyone more surprises.

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