Wonderful event

KARNOX Official brand launch in Portugal

May 18,2019

After 13 editions, Iberanime arrives at the largest fair facilities in Portugal!

It was held in FIL – Feira International De Lisboa, located at Expo98 sight in the orient part of Lisbon between 18 and 19 May 2019.

KARNOX negotiated a“gold”partnership with MANZ(the event producers), capturing the attention of the more than 25000 visitors.

KARNOX was the central piece and the exclusive chair brand in RFM main Stage, LPLOL (Portuguese league of Legend League) and Nintendo Area.

Also KARNOX had his own booth that allowed visitors to see and test some new KARNOX chairs models.

The event was bigger than ever and full of relevant brands. KARNOX shined amongst brands and was the star of the event in the gaming chair area.

This was the second Iberanime Show that KARNOX attended,(1st took place in October 2018 in Oporto City) KARNOX formally announced to the Portuguese that “KARNOX is Here!”

“Prepare yourselves to receive in the Portuguese market the best Gaming Chair Brand you ever saw!”

  – MANZ: KARNOX continues to partner up with Manz and to be the Main Gaming Chair in the Iberanime Shows in Portugal. (https://manz.pt)

– Nintendo: KARNOX was the only exclusive Gaming Chair in Nintendo Area,free play, Smash tournament and Nintendo main Stage.(https://www.nintendo.pt)

-RFM: RFM is the second biggest radio at Portugal and they work with all types of VIPs in country. KARNOX chairs were the only chairs used during the event at RFM Booth. (http://rfm.sapo.pt)

- LPLOL: Official Riot League of Legends League in Portugal. KARNOX will be the official chair for the next season of LPLOL League! (https://lplol.pt)

-Ticket Line: We also partner up with Ticket Line(the official selling point for events in Portugal)to give the community a change for some Giveaways! A KARNOX Chairs was used as the Gold Giveaways in this activation at Ticket Line area. (https://ticketline.sapo.pt)

KARNOX also attracted a lot of buyers from from different industries and got very high compliment. The team of FNAC's directors visited the KARNOX booth. The CEO of Nius Cup also visited KARNOX's booth and experienced KARNOX chairs.

Local high-profile streamer Shikai, who has Twitch fans 82000, Instagram fans 13000, Twitter fans 4000, Facebook fans 2500, became the first KARNOX Portugal ambassador, and his favorite chair is KARNOX GLADIATOR series.

Other streamers are all very impressed with KARNOX's brand and products, KARNOX has successfully captured the "heart" of local game lovers.

Translation:Very happy with my new acquisition! Thanks for KARNOX Iberia for your service at Ibernime! Its without a doubt the most comfortable chair I have used with premium finish and design!

Translation: This is real comfort for gaming! Best buy ever! Thanks for the help KARNOX Iberia at Ibernime.

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