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Heroic! KARNOX 2019China Joy contracted these pavilions

Aug 02,2019

2019China Joy officially opened on August 2nd at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. KARNOX E-sports Chair, which has been providing users with comfortable and healthy gaming experience, sponsors the seats of many booths, but also brings many surprises. Come to CJ to feel our summer heat and our enthusiasm.

KARNOX serves as the “official seat brand” for a number of exhibitors, including Sina Game, DENA, Shengqu Games, Xishanju,Electric Soul, and Technology Video, Toshiba, etc. KARNOX not only provides seat sponsorship for well-known e-sports game giants, but also provides seat sponsorship for other electronic technology companies.

KARNOX Signing club Fuyao team

To be the strongest player, you must have the best equipment. With technological innovation and technical production, KARNOX gradually provides a more relaxed sitting experience for e-sports players and gamers, including personalized design and ergonomic design to make your long-term game with more amazing comfort.

Shengqu Games Booth showgirls love KARNOX chairs

DENA Booth showgirls love KARNOX chairs

What a surprise to have KARNOX chair as giveaways


2019ChinaJoy is so hot on the first day, in the next few days, KARNOX will continue to present a different kind of excitement to the audience in the next few days. Join us in this entertainment feast to experience e-sports, the charm of the secondary element, KARNOX looks forward to see you.


Founded in 2010, KARNOX is a seat brand specializing in ergonomics. Over the years, it has been dedicated to serving various e-sports projects around the world, creating more professional, more comfortable and healthier chairs for e-sports players and gamers.

KARNOX has always adhered to the customer experience as the core to design and develop a variety of customized solutions; as of 2019, KARNOX has been selling and operating in the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, India, Dubai and other countries and regions in more than 50 countries.

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